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Workshop: Breathing Life into Your New Year’s Resolutions

Class Begins January 3, 2013
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Breathing Life into Your New Year’s Resolutions
A Workshop by Editor MM Pollard
January 3rd through 16th 
(via private Yahoo Group: invitation sent prior to class start date) 

Course Description:
Writers don’t need a workshop on setting goals. Writers’ goals are simple – They want to…

write a novel,
finish their manuscript,
find an agent,
contract with a reputable publisher,
publish their story,


the end of 2013,
the baby is born,
the family has to move again,
their current job drives them bonkers,
they die.

This workshop isn’t about setting goals.

Breathing Life into Your New Year’s Resolutions is a two-week workshop designed to help you face what is slowing you down, getting in your way, and making it impossible to reach your goals.  You’ll learn some tried and true motivational techniques to keep you on track to making your goals a reality.

Here are some of the topics we will discuss in this workshop.

•    Appreciate where you are
•    Let go of shouldas, wouldas, couldas
•    Beware of procrastination
•    Brainstorm your future
•    Write down your goals
•    Break down goals into action statements with deadlines
•    Get to work

Instructor Bio:
As a copy editor for Black Velvet Seductions for three years and now acquisitions editor, MM Pollard reads many entertaining and thought-provoking stories. She also finds common mistakes in the fundamental skills of writing. 

With fifteen years of experience teaching English serving as a resource of knowledge and a life-time love of teaching and of language, MM began presenting workshops in February, 2011. Her goal is to teach writers what they need to know about the writing craft so that they won’t need an editing service to correct their mistakes in these areas. 

MM has helped many writers improve their language and writing skills through her fun workshops. She has presented workshops for many RWA chapters, Savvy Authors, Writers Online Classes, and in her own virtual classroom. MM is sure she can help you, too, master the fundamentals of English.

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  1. I am sooo excited to see my workshop featured on BestSellerology. I have designed lessons for the just-the-facts-m'am writers, for the make-it-fun-or-I'm-not-here writers, and for the more-details-the-better writers. There really is something for every writer in this workshop. See you in January.
    MM Pollard